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Fatou Cessay, Advocate, Board Member, Madison

"We seek support, through policy, for all aspects of the disease.”
Fatou has been volunteering for the Alzheimer's Association for seven years as an Advocate and Board Member.  Her passion is in advocacy and working with policy makers to get support for Alzheimer’s priorities. “A lot of progress has been made since I began volunteering in advocacy,” says Fatou. “Many laws are now in place that are benefiting people, not only statewide, but nationwide. In advocacy we look at the bigger picture – education, navigating the system and working through challenges – and we seek support, through policy, for all aspects of the disease.”

“I work in a home care agency and we touch the lives of people daily and make an immediate impact,” says Fatou. “When you work on policy, it’s a much slower process. But it will come if you continue to collaborate and work. I like being able to work with people one on one, but I can also touch the lives of millions through policy change, that I couldn’t otherwise reach.”

Fatou encourages others to volunteer and make a difference. “I value what we do as volunteers,” says Fatou. “We are educating law-makers about Alzheimer’s and how it affects families, and showing them how they can make it better for millions.”