Sigma Kappa Sorority

Dedicated to serving the needs of the elderly since the 1950s, the women of Sigma Kappa Sorority were among the first to recognize the growing crisis of Alzheimer's disease. They selected Alzheimer's disease as a focus of their philanthropy and began issuing research grants in 1984. They began partnering with the Alzheimer's Association® in 2000 to advance Alzheimer's research, and the partnership continues to grow to this day, especially in recent years.

In 2014 Sigma Kappa Foundation announced a pledge of $1 million as the first philanthropic investor in the Women's Alzheimer's Research Initiative. Foundation trustee Carolyn Caudell Tieger told her sisters if they could raise half of the pledge in two years, she would match it — and they rose to the challenge in record time.

"We have come so far in helping find a cure for Alzheimer's and are closer to the finish line than ever before," says Carolyn. "I am very confident in the great work of the Alzheimer's Association and so proud of Sigma Kappa, as the two groups work together to create a lasting legacy of support for helping conquer one of the most dreaded diseases of all time."

In addition to their first Zenith Society-level gift to the Association, Sigma Kappa has stepped up its efforts as a national team in the Walk to End Alzheimer's®. In 2015 they became a platinum team for the first time, raising over $500,000. In 2016 they excelled again, raising more than $1 million with 13,300 people walking. Sigma Kappa has now raised and donated more than $5.2 million to the Alzheimer's Association.

"Our sisters are committed to finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease," says Sigma Kappa Foundation's president, Sarah Womble. "Its profound impact on women is why our members are committed to this cause."

Step Up the Pace is a special initiative to increase philanthropic investment in four key dementia research outcomes areas: Discovery Science, Early Detection, Treatment and Prevention.


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