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Lee Ann Womack Shares Her Music Moments

Lee Ann Womack Shares Her Music Moments
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Spring 2020
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Country singer records meaningful song for new Association album featuring top artists

Country music singer Lee Ann Womack has seen how a song can bring people together and inspire hope during the most difficult times. This magic is part of what she loves so much about singing and performing. And it’s also why the Grammy Award-winner volunteered her time and talent to perform a cover of Waylon Jennings’ “Dreaming My Dreams With You” for the Alzheimer’s Association “Music Moments” project.

Here Womack shares some of her favorite musical memories, what inspired her to become a performer, and how Alzheimer’s has impacted her family. 

Was there a moment growing up when you knew you wanted to be a singer?

There was no defining moment. I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t want to do it, even when I was really little. I would watch shows like “Hee Haw” and think, “That’s what I want to do when I grow up.” 

What's one career highlight that means a lot to you? 

The more private moments of my career mean more to me than those in front of thousands or millions of people. Recording a duet with Willie Nelson is one example. I remember looking up at one point when Willie and I were in the vocal booth, just the two of us. It was my little moment where I thought, “I’ll cherish this forever.” As a Texas girl growing up and then recording with Willie Nelson, that’s the kind of moment that I treasure because it’s personal. It’s mine.

Connecting to life’s moments through music

The “Music Moments” album features 10 songs from award-winning artists who share their personal stories about the power of music.

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What inspired you to choose "Dreaming My Dreams With You" by Waylon Jennings for "Music Moments"?

I spent a lot of time in my room alone listening to music when I was a kid. My dad worked at a radio station, so we had a lot of records around the house, but they were all his records, things that he loved and listened to. This particular song, I remember thinking about my dad when I was little and asking him about Waylon. He loved Waylon and loved listening to his records. I just have always loved this song. 

How would you describe the power of music? 

Music can make people feel better. It can remind you of memories. It can take you to a different place and time. One of the great things about making music for a living is that you get to be a part of people’s lives. That’s a very special thing for an artist. 

What made you want to be involved with "Music Moments"? 

I’m very hopeful that we can bring an end to Alzheimer’s. I was so excited when I got the call to be part of this because Alzheimer’s has touched my family. I’ve seen some of its devastating effects. I was really happy to be able to do what I do and hopefully help. 

How do you think a project like this might inspire people to join the cause?

Things seem insurmountable a lot of times. Then you hear a great song or you have people coming together to make music, and all of a sudden you feel like, “OK, this is doable. This is something that we can handle.” I think music has the power to make people feel that way.

What do you hope this project does for caregivers of people living with Alzheimer's?

When we talk about Alzheimer’s, we think about the people living with the disease, but my heart also goes out to the caregivers. It’s so sad to watch somebody that you love not be able to remember your name. A project like this can bring hope to caregivers as well.

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