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Public Health Topics

Public Health Topics
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Public health leaders can address Alzheimer’s, brain health and dementia caregiving issues in a variety of ways. Learn more about Alzheimer's-specific issues, find resources to drive change, and read about successful implementation of public health approaches to help guide action in your own community.

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Caregiver Support

Public health can raise awareness of caregiver needs and help develop support and resources.

Chronic Diseases and Dementia

Almost all people with dementia have at least one other chronic condition that may have contributed to its development.

COVID-19, Emergencies and Dementia

Public health professionals must ensure that the needs of people living with dementia are considered in emergency planning for disasters and pandemics.

Data, Assessment, and Analysis

Public health can use data and assessment to drive action, identify gaps and meet the needs of people living with dementia and caregivers.

Early Detection and Diagnosis

Public health professionals can educate the community and health care providers on the benefits of early detection and help reduce barriers to diagnosis.

Health Equity

Public health plays a leading role in planning and executing initiatives to eliminate disparities and address social determinants of health.

Health Professionals Education

Public health can prepare professionals to promote the health and well-being of people living with dementia and caregivers.

Quality of Care

Public health can use its broad authority to ensure people with dementia and their caregivers receive quality care.

Risk Reduction

Public health can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's across the lifespan by promoting being physically active, quitting smoking, and being heart-healthy.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Public health professionals can offer education and support — and provide guidance on ensuring and maintaining a safe environment.

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