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Unforgettable: An Alzheimer's Family Story

"Unforgettable" is a powerful stage play that showcases the effects of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. This dynamic and emotional family drama is presented in partnership from the Alzheimer's Association and ​​Gdavis Productions and Films, LLC.

Creator Garrett Davis wrote "Unforgettable" in tribute to his late grandmother, Goodness, whose dementia diagnosis left his family feeling lost. Davis' experience as a Black male caregiver inspired the story of the Davenport-Rodriguez family, who makes a plan to care for matriarch Mama D. after her Alzheimer's diagnosis. Now, "Unforgettable" is spreading the word about Alzheimer's — from recognizing the signs, the importance of diverse participation in clinical trials, and how all families can get the support that they need.

Notice the signs of dementia and get a diagnosis

Being proactive in addressing Alzheimer’s is especially important in Black and Hispanic communities who are at greater risk for the disease. It can be scary to think that you or somebody close to you may have Alzheimer's or another dementia. But knowing what to look for — and understanding what's different from normal aging — can help your family make important decisions and plan for the future.


10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's

Memory loss is not a normal part of aging. If you notice any one of these signs in yourself or a loved one, don't hesitate — see a doctor together.


10 Steps to Approach Memory Concerns in Others

Talking about changes you notice in your memory or someone else's is difficult, but it's important to have the conversation. Use our guide to help you feel more confident.


Visiting Your Doctor

Learn how to come prepared for a doctor's visit in order to get your questions answered and so you or your loved one get the best possible care and support.

Not sure where to start?
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Caring for someone who is living with dementia

In "Unforgettable," the Davenports realize that it can take a team to care for someone living with Alzheimer's or dementia. No matter what, you don't have to do it alone either. Connect with others who truly understand the impact of Alzheimer's through support groups, online communities, and local resources and education. These free resources from the Alzheimer's Association are here to help you every step of the way.


Resources for Caregivers

Whether you provide daily caregiving, participate in decision making, or simply care about a person with dementia, learn what to expect and get help at every turn.


Find a Support Group

Get support and strength from a community who understands what it feels like to face Alzheimer's, and learn how to navigate the disease with local resources and tips.


Educational Programs and Dementia Care Resources

Alzheimer's and dementia don't come with an instruction manual, but the Alzheimer's Association has resources to help. Learn what to expect and how to plan for the future.


Find Your Local Chapter

Get involved with the people facing Alzheimer's in your community and receive local information, support and resources.


Legal and Financial Planning

Planning for the future can be a good place to start. Read about using insurance, paying for care, qualifying for Social Security Disability and more.


Caregiver Health

As a caregiver, you may find yourself with so many responsibilities that you neglect taking care of yourself. Learn how to manage stress and other ways to keep yourself physically and emotionally strong.

Live well with dementia

In "Unforgettable," the Davenports prioritize helping Mama D. live well with her Alzheimer's diagnosis, showing her the same love and care she always showed them. If you are living with Alzheimer's or another dementia, you have the power to take control of your health and wellness, focus your energy on what you find most meaningful, and discover new ways to live a positive and fulfilling life.


Live Well

Learn how to maximize your independence, reduce stress and ensure you have a voice in how you live your best life with dementia.


Programs and Support

Connect with peers and professionals who will help you make the plans and adjustments to live your best life for as long as possible.


Make a Difference

You have a unique opportunity to contribute to the greater good. Use your voice and your experience to raise concern and awareness, and empower others living with dementia.

Learn about clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies to see if a potential treatment is safe and effective. In "Unforgettable," the Davenports point out that Black and Hispanic Americans have historically been excluded for clinical trials, but that must change if new Alzheimer's treatments are going to be safe and effective for everybody.

Volunteering for a research study may benefit you directly and help researchers find a new treatment or a cure. Learn more about participating in research studies and finding a clinical trial that makes sense for you.


Clinical Trials

Without clinical trials, there can be no better treatments, no prevention and no cure for Alzheimer's disease. Don't just hope for a cure — help us find one.


Find a Clinical Trial with TrialMatch®

Help advance Alzheimer's research using our free TrialMatch matching tool, which allows you to see which clinical trials could be a good fit for you or a family member.

See the play


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"This was more than just a play. The experience opened up my family's eyes to support me as a caregiver and to assist me with taking care of our mother."
— Kesha S.

Unforgettable is brought to you by the Alzheimer's Association and GDavis Productions and Films, LLC, with support from our National Tour sponsors.


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