As senior director, Scientific Engagement, for the Alzheimer's Association, Rebecca M. Edelmayer, Ph.D., leads efforts to accelerate the organization's scientific agenda through the creation and delivery of ongoing research education. She engages with chapters across the country, ensuring that communities are informed of the global progress of dementia science and the organization's crucial role in advancing research to improve the lives of those facing Alzheimer's and all other dementia.

Dr. Edelmayer provides leadership on several of the Association's national and international initiatives in dementia science uniting researchers and clinicians on topics related to biomarker testing, drug discovery and therapeutic development. Dr. Edelmayer is a study investigator for the Association's Alzheimer's Network for Treatment and Diagnostics (ALZ-NET), an initiative to gain insight on novel FDA-approved Alzheimer's therapies. She also serves on steering committees and as an external advisory board member for various cutting-edge scientific consortia established by the National Institute on Aging to advance treatment development, including the Accelerating Medicines Partnership-Alzheimer's Disease, MODEL-AD and TREAT-AD.

Dr. Edelmayer has more than 20 years of experience as a scientist and educator, spending more than six years as a pharmacologist in the Neuroscience and Immunology Divisions at Abbott and AbbVie. She has lectured, published and led collaborations in areas of neurodegenerative disease, neurophysiology and pain neurobiology. She completed her Ph.D. and postdoctoral training in medical pharmacology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Dr. Edelmayer holds a bachelor's degree in neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh, where she also completed a National Institute of Mental Health research fellowship.