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2018 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

The Cuban Dementia Study among admixture populations: a longitudinal study.

Jorge Llibre Guerra, MD, MS
Global Brain Health Institute and UCSF
San Francisco, CA - United States

Dr. Guerre plans to explore the association between genetic diversity and environmental factors that determine prevalence of dementia in a population of older Cubans. Since 2005, Dr. Guerre’s group has been conducting community-based population studies about the prevalence, frequency of occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and its risk factors across Cuba. In this proposed study, the researchers plan to recruit an additional 1000 participants. By combining the data from participants of ongoing and newly initiated studies, Dr. Guerre has potential to evaluate a more representative sample in assessing cognitive decline, genetic diversity and mortality rate. With the rise of dementia in Cuba, the study results will be helpful in monitoring the outcomes and challenges faced by the country and provide better healthcare.

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