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2018 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

Awareness and knowledge of dementia amongst Speech and Language Therapists

Barbara Costa Beber, Ph.D., SLP
Associacao Mario Tannhauser de Ensino Pesquisa e Assistencia – aMTepa
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Dr. Beber plans to investigate and assess awareness of dementia among Speech and Language Therapists from Brazil. This pilot project aims to engage nearly 40,000 speech and language therapists in Brazil by first conducting a survey about the awareness and knowledge of dementia among these therapists. Based on survey results, Dr. Beber proposes to develop guidelines for speech and language provision for people with dementia and also advocate for the inclusion of dementia topics to be included in speech and language therapy undergraduate course curriculums. The study results could be beneficial in early detection and treatment of communication problems in dementia.

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