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2019 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

Dementia in Brazil: economic and psychological burden of caregiving

Talita Rosa, MD
Global Brain Health Institute and University of Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr. Rosa’s project aims to better understand the economic and psychological impact on carers relating to a family member with dementia. In Brazil, dementia prevalence is set to increase five-fold between 2010 and 2050, owing to its rapidly growing population of older adults. Caregiving costs follow a similar trend. Using data from the first Cost-Of-Illness project in dementia in Brazil, Dr. Rosa plans to study the net costs and psychological stress that could be attributed to caregiving for older adults with and without dementia in Brazil. If successful, the study could inform support intervention for caregivers around stressors. The study may also inform the creation of intervention strategies to reduce the psychological and economic costs of caregiving for individuals with dementia in Brazil and other countries worldwide.

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