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2019 GAAIN Exploration to Evaluate Novel Alzheimer's Queries (GEENA-Q)

Course Trajectories and Associated Factors in Alzheimer's Disease

Carl Cohen, M.D.
The Research Foundation of SUNY on behalf of SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY - United States

Dr. Carl Cohen will investigate patterns of how cognitive decline progresses to potentially help identify Alzheimer’s.  Dr. Cohen will explore associated factors found in Alzheimer’s to aim to understand possible implications for care.  For his study, Dr. Cohen will use 3 international (Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network) GAAIN datasets from USA, Spain and Canada to determine if cross-national differences in the pathways of cognitive decline exist and identify any biological, sociocultural and clinical factors that may impact  these pathways.  This study will use the datasets to predict better prognosis of individuals with Alzheimer’s and to provide more individualized care. If successful, the study could help inform future research towards development of targeted therapies for individuals with Alzheimer’s.

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