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2019 GAAIN Exploration to Evaluate Novel Alzheimer's Queries (GEENA-Q)

The dark side of APOEe4: unravelling amyloid-independent effects in AD

Moira Marizzoni, Ph.D.
Scientific Institute Saint John of God – The National Centre for Research and Care of Alzheimer's and Mental Diseases
Brescia, Italy

There are several factors that contribute to late-life risk for developing Alzheimer’s.  A specific genetic variation of the APOE gene called APOE-e4, also significantly increases a person’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s.  Dr. Moira Marizzoni will investigate the differences between individuals who carry and do not carry the APOE-e4 gene by using multiple datasets from the (Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network) GAAIN platform.  The study results will be translated to an open and user friendly online tool allowing researchers to include numerous factors including age and gender, into their analyses.  If successful, the study may help improve our ability to recognize early Alzheimer’s and at-risk individuals.

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