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2019 GAAIN Exploration to Evaluate Novel Alzheimer's Queries (GEENA-Q)

Resolving Alzheimer disease by Resilience Multiscale Models (ARMS)

Marcel Olde Rikkert, Ph.D., M.D.
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (2)
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Dr. Marcel Rikkert proposes to investigate the potential utility of computer models to identify  protective factors for risk of Alzheimer’s.  Dr. Rikkert will use multiple datasets from the (Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network) GAAIN platform to perform a big-data analysis aiming to tease out the interplay between those different factors playing a role in Alzheimer’s. The researchers (comprising of a team of interdisciplinary experts) will apply computer models on four different levels that will probe at a) cellular level, b) network functionality in the brain c) behavioral level and d) social level.  Such a model could help identify factors that are resilient and resistant to Alzheimer’s progression. 

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