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2020 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

My Life My Way – a CLEAR© model for Dementia Care

Siobhan Casey, BA Hons.
Trinity College
Dublin, Ireland

Siobhan Casey’s project aims to support people living with dementia by helping them to remain resident at home for a longer period of time. To achieve this, the researchers will identify and support the unmet needs of individuals with dementia as well as provide support to caregivers. Casey’s study will integrate two services in Northern Ireland: Age Northern Ireland’s (Age NI) My Life My Way© and the Northern Health and Social Care Trust’s (NHSCT) CLEAR© Dementia Care program. The study will include 50 caregivers —of individuals living with dementia —who are part of the “CLEAR Dementia Care” training project as well as 5 volunteers from the Age NI’s “My Life My Way” project. As part of this study, Casey will first perform an assessment of individuals with dementia. Based on this assessment, the caregivers will be provided with advice and training on how to best support the unmet needs and manage behaviors of their care recipients. If successful, the study results could help reduce caregiver burden, widen social inclusion and help create a collaborative model of health and voluntary sector support in Northern Ireland that could also be scalable to other countries.

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