The Alzheimer’s Association is proud to highlight athletes and those in the world of sports who are helping to make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s through fundraising, advocacy and awareness, using their voices personally, with their teams and in their leagues.

“People don’t know how severe Alzheimer's disease is. We speak out so that we can get closer to a cure.”
- Miki and Lisa Barber
Track and field athletes
“As a young person, I feel that it's important for me to speak out about Alzheimer's and share my voice.”
- Sam Beal
Professional football player, New York Giants
“Having grandparents affected by Alzheimer’s makes this cause very important to me.”
- Anthony Beauvillier
Professional hockey player, New York Islanders
“I have a wonderful grandmother who suffered from the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. She was a nurse who spent her life caring for others. Her caring spirit lives, and is why I support #ENDALZ to find a cure to this terrible disease.”
- Mariah Bell
U.S. figure skater
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“I want to reach as many people as possible and let them know how this disease affects families.”
- Braden Bishop
Professional baseball player, Seattle Mariners
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“I'm involved because my mom Suzy was diagnosed over 5 years ago and recently passed on from this deadly disease. This is very close to my heart and I want to see this disease eradicated.”
- Hunter Bishop
Professional baseball player, San Francisco Giants Organization
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“I watched my grandfather battle Alzheimer's. It's nice to now be part of a solution and work toward the goal of ending the disease.”
- Ryan Blaney
NASCAR driver
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“I raise awareness in honor of my Dad, who passed in September 2021 but never let Alzheimer’s steal his joy!”
- John Bryant
Basketball coach, Chicago Bulls
“The fight against Alzheimer’s will be won by community — a community bonded by pain and passion. Excited to join the #ENDALZ team. Together, we will win!”
- Cierra Burdick
Professional basketball player, Las Vegas Aces
“The goal is to change the way dementia is discussed at the dinner table; to bring more awareness to the Latino, African American and other underserved communities; and to mobilize community leaders to make a big difference.”
- Michael Clayton
Former professional football player
“Caregiving has brought my family together. It defines what family means – to be there for one another in good times and in rough times.”
- Brandon Coleman
Professional football player
“It’s important for people to know about all of the Alzheimer's resources out there.”
- Quinn Early
Former professional football player
“It's important to raise awareness and educate people about Alzheimer's, because so many of us are going to be affected by it.”
- David Feherty
Professional golfer
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“Everyone I’ve met knows someone who has been impacted by Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is all around us, and sometimes we need another person who knows what we’re going through to help make life easier.”
- Tim Frazier
Professional basketball player, Detroit Pistons
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“A diagnosis of any disease is devastating, but I don’t think people ultimately realize how difficult it is to deal with Alzheimer’s … and how hard it is on families.”
- Teryn Gregson
Golf presenter & journalist
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“I raise awareness for my Grandma Gogol. It hit me hard, seeing what this disease does to a human being.”
- Curt Gogol
Professional hockey player
“By coming together, I have hope that we are changing the course of this devastating disease for future generations.”
- AJ Mleczko Griswold
ESPN & NBC sportscaster; Olympic Gold & Silver medalist, hockey
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“Everyone should care about the fight against Alzheimer’s. It affects so many of us."
- Tony Hawk
Professional skateboarder
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“The one thing I wish people knew about Alzheimer’s is it could be you or someone you love affected.”
- Jeff Henderson
Olympic gold medalist, Track and field
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“I was very close to my grandmother, and seeing how much her Alzheimer's affected my dad was really hard on my family.”
- Laurie Hernandez
Professional gymnast
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“My grandmother should be able to see me play.”
- Jett Howard
Professional basketball player, Orlando Magic
“You never fail until you stop trying. As long as the Alzheimer’s Association is trying to find a cure, that’s what we’ve got to keep doing.”
- Al Joyner 
Olympic gold medalist, track and field coach
“Seeing someone you love affected by this disease is devastating. As far as my family is concerned, we aren’t going to accept it. We want to do something about it.”
- Howie Kendrick
Former professional baseball player
“Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects all of us, whether directly or not. I believe it’s important to lead people to the best resources available to help prevent it.”
- Michael Lorenzen
Professional baseball player, Cincinnati Reds
"I know how difficult this disease is, I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer's back in 2017.”
- Ryan Mundy
Former professional football player
"Being involved in raising awareness to #ENDALZ is something that is very important and close to home for me. Remembering my grandmother who we lost to Alzheimer’s is something that drives me to help as many people as possible.”
- Storm Norton
Professional Football Player, New Orleans Saints
"A cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s may not come soon enough for my dad or for me, but hopefully it will for my kids and my grandkids."
- T.J. Oshie
Professional hockey player, Washington Capitals
“I raise Alzheimer’s awareness to help others going through what I went through."
- Terrell Owens
Former professional football player
“Coach Summitt's experience opened up my eyes to how many people are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and how many people care for people with the disease.”
- Candace Parker
Professional basketball player, Chicago Sky
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“My grandfather has been struggling with Alzheimer’s for the past seven years. The impact on my grandmother, his wife of 60 years, has been equally devastating. Let’s work together to end this disease.”
- Josh Pierson
Professional race car driver
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“I have experienced the devastation of this disease. My great aunt was diagnosed with dementia and our family has been impacted in more ways than I ever imagined.”
- Adam Redmond
Professional football player, Dallas Cowboys
“Every day is hard in the life of a caregiver, which is why people need the support of the Alzheimer's Association.”
- Alena Sharp
Professional golfer
“Between the devastating effects of the disease and the unfavorable statistics, Alzheimer’s disease is heartbreaking; it shocks me that there isn’t more talk about it.”
- Kelly Shon
Professional golfer
“My grandmother, Betty Irvin, was the rock of my family, and she is why I fight to end Alzheimer's disease.”
- Lance Thomas
Professional basketball player
“Alzheimer’s is not something to be too proud to recognize. Let’s break the stigma and speak out.”
- Coco Vandeweghe 
Professional tennis player




The college sports community is also raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer's and all other dementia with ALZtogether.