Debra Pierson, PMPDebra Pierson is a certified Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional and has built a solid reputation for technical support and project management services, first at IBM and now at Pierson Computing Connection, which she founded in 1993. As president and chief executive officer, she oversees business development and operations, and establishes relationships with key business partners. Specializing in serving state, local and education customers across the East Coast, Pierson provides technology solutions and services to its clients to better our communities.
Pierson thrives on watching her team members consistently solve customer challenges. As a leader of a woman-owned enterprise, she is passionate about lending guidance and assisting women in business.  
Despite her impressive business success, she feels her most significant accomplishments are rooted in her deepest passions. Her family has a genetic form of young-onset Alzheimer’s disease that affects family members in their 40s. Her involvement in the Alzheimer’s Association is her way to fight back against this disease. She uses her leadership skills and influence to push towards her personal lifetime goal of a world without Alzheimer’s disease and all other dementia.  

Pierson was elected to the board of directors in 2016 and currently serves as board secretary.