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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report
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At the Alzheimer's Association, we believe that diverse perspectives are critical to achieving health equity — meaning that all communities have a fair and just opportunity for early diagnosis and access to risk reduction and quality care. The Association is committed to engaging underrepresented and underserved communities and responding with resources and education to address the disproportionate impact of Alzheimer's and all other dementia.

A Message From Leadership

The movement to end Alzheimer's and all other dementia has entered a new era. With emerging treatment options, a growing understanding of prevention methods, and potential diagnostics in the pipeline, we can provide people living with the disease and their caregivers with real-world help and hope for the future. But we must ensure these advances are accessible and effective for all populations, recognizing that those who are disproportionately impacted are also often the most underserved.

At the Alzheimer's Association, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is more than acknowledging the need for greater representation among our staff, volunteers and constituents. It's a focus on intentional inclusion across all areas of our mission — to reach equity in advocacy and dementia science, and to deliver care and support that is culturally relevant and effective.

We must ensure that the Association represents the communities that we intend to serve and that we are actively working to create fair and just opportunities for all people to have access to early diagnosis, risk reduction and quality care. We cannot achieve this alone. To succeed in our mission, and to break down barriers, we need help from trusted partners in communities across the country.

Currently, the Association is working with over 30 national and more than 600 local organizations to provide education, offer support and invite people to join the cause, from wherever they are and in whatever ways work best for them. Through these community partnerships, we have grown our reach to underserved populations in the past year. We are so grateful for our partners' collaboration — and for their confidence in us.

As you will read in this report, our efforts to expand our reach and deliver critical resources stretch across all areas of our mission. We know that to achieve health equity, we need to continue to engage a variety of voices and perspectives that challenge standards and create change. As the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research, we feel the responsibility of this work, and answer the call on behalf of all those who are underserved and disproportionately affected by this disease.

Joanne Pike, DrPH
President and Chief Executive Officer

Carl V. Hill, Ph.D., MPH
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

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