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Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act
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August 27, 2009
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In my last entry, I described how the work of an Alzheimer’s advocate was continuing to have an impact years later. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing recent reports from advocates around the country who are having an exciting, positive influence during the August recess when their elected officials are back home in district.

The first example comes from Massachusetts at an event hosted by one of Alzheimer’s strongest and most steadfast Congressional champions, Congressman Ed Markey. Here’s the story as related by Jennifer Carter:

“Congressman Ed Markey held a healthcare reform forum at the newly-opened Markey Senior Center (named after his parents) in his hometown of Malden, MA on July 12th. It was an event to both ask questions of the Congressman about healthcare reform as well as to express specific concerns about the different bills and issues being discussed in Congress.

“There were about 40 different civic groups, community organizations and agencies present that evening and I was fortunate enough to have ample opportunity to talk about the importance of Alzheimer’s disease and protecting those with the disease.

“I asked about research funding as well as ending the Medicare two year waiting period and was well received, with support from the other agencies and organizations present! The Congressman also talked about his experience with his mother who had Alzheimer’s disease and his frustration with a healthcare system that would not allow more community-based care and home care. He also spoke about what he referred to as the need for CPR in healthcare- Coverage, Prevention and Research- in order to make the US health system really work for all residents in the US. Over all, the experience was wonderful – Congressman Markey, a long time supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association, is a true supporter of all the Association stands for – research, early diagnosis, quality care and dignity!”

Jennifer makes a great point that we often overlook – advocacy is fun. It’s also more straightforward than we often realize.

But don’t wait to take action!

Congressman Ed Markey is leading the fight against Alzheimer’s. He introduced the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act (S.1452/HR 3286) earlier this year, tell your member(s) of Congress to sign on!

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