The Alzheimer’s Association wants people like you — those most passionate about ending Alzheimer’s — to be the most impactful advocates possible. Three programs — Alzheimer’s Ambassadors, Alzheimer's Congressional Teams and the Alzheimer's State Champions — are specifically designed to achieve federal and state policy priorities by empowering volunteers to engage with their elected officials. Each of these volunteers play an important role in improving the quality of life and care for those living with dementia and their families by carrying our message to policymakers.

Group of Alzheimer's Ambassadors, showing different generations, genders and racesAlzheimer’s Ambassadors are grassroots volunteers who commit to serve for a renewable one year term, serving as the main point of in-district contact for a specific member of Congress. And Alzheimer’s Congressional Team members bring their own unique stories, relationships and skills to complement the work of an Ambassador. Ambassadors and ACT members develop trusted relationships with their assigned congressional office and draw upon proven techniques through the support of Association staff. These relationships ensure that your voice is heard by policymakers.

Hear From Our Ambassadors

Listen to Alzheimer's Ambassadors talk about the impact they have made by engaging elected officials on a variety of critical policy issues.


Alzheimer’s State Champions cultivate multifaceted, year-round relationships with targeted state officials, ensuring the voice of the Alzheimer’s community is heard across all 50 states.

Use your passion to influence policymakers to make Alzheimer’s and dementia a national priority. Contact your local Alzheimer's Association chapter for details about these programs. If you are already engaging with elected officials, please inform us of your activity via the portal at