Still Alice and My Brain™
The Alzheimer's Association women's initiative, My Brain™, inspired by Maria Shriver, called on 1 million women to use their amazing brains to help wipe out Alzheimer's. The disease is one of the greatest threats to women's health, as women are more likely to develop Alzheimer's, and they also are more likely to care for someone with the disease.

Within My Brain was Maria Shriver's Wipe Out Alzheimer's Challenge. In partnership with A Woman's Nation, the Alzheimer's Association and a global community of empowered women, the challenge enlisted women to take "The Pledge", helped raise funds to research women's brains and challenged other organizations to make women's brain research a priority. All funds raised in the Challenge supported research on women and Alzheimer's through the Alzheimer's Association Women's Alzheimer's Research Initiative (WARI). The Judy Fund is also significantly supporting WARI as well.

The amazing women of the movie Still Alice were also featured in the My Brain campaign: Julianne Moore (Academy Award® for her performance), Maria Shriver (executive producer), Kristen Stewart , Sandy Oltz (early-stage Alzheimer's advisor), Lisa Genova (Still Alice author), Dr. Maria Carrillo (Alzheimer's Association Chief Science Officer) and Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns (co-producer and The Judy Fund Chair).

By giving a frank and open portrayal of just how devastating Alzheimer's is to a person's emotional and physical well-being; family and career; and all other facets of life, our hope is Still Alice moved more people to join the fight against Alzheimer's.

My Brain and Still Alice are inspiring women to join the movement and raising awareness across so many different platforms.