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Don't let an Alzheimer's diagnosis stop you from being socially active!

A dementia diagnosis can often be isolating. It is not uncommon as the early stages of the disease progress for an individual living with dementia to withdraw from activities they previously enjoyed. It is important to help the person remain engaged and we are here to help!

The Alzheimer's Association - Greater Michigan Chapter regularly organizes social engagement opportunities that incorporate recreation, arts and culture and relaxation activities in three of our service areas: Metro Detroit, Greater Grand Rapids and Marquette.

These social engagement programs provide a safe and rewarding space for people with dementia and care partners where no one has to feel stigmatized or embarrassed about the effects of the disease. They connect caregivers and people with dementia alike to others going through similar life experiences, fostering discussions, experience sharing and friendships. They also provide the person with dementia and their care partner opportunities to reconnect, remember and redefine their relationships.