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Generous people like you help fight Alzheimer's by fueling the work of the Alzheimer's Association to advance care, support and research. Donating your stock or other securities supports our mission while providing you with potential tax benefits. 

Please follow the below steps to securely donate your stock electronically

1. Notify the Alzheimer's Association

Notify us in advance of your stock transfers so that we can instruct our broker to accept delivery of your gift and acknowledge it properly for income tax purposes. Complete the Stock Gift Form and follow the Contact information at the bottom of the form. 

2. Inform your broker

Let your broker know that you would like to make a stock gift to the Alzheimer's Association, providing your broker with the Stock Gift Form or the following information: 
Broker: Mesirow Financial
Account Name: Alzheimer's Association
Account Number: WMP003607
DTC Number: 0226