The Alzheimer’s Association, in collaboration with MedicAlert® Foundation, provides membership plans with 24/7 Wandering Support, a nationwide emergency response service for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia who wander or have a medical emergency.

How it works

A MedicAlert membership plan with Wandering Support helps first responders and families reconnect with individuals living with dementia who experience a medical emergency or have wandered. 

24/7 emergency response. When an incident call comes in, MedicAlert’s Emergency Response Team collects all the relevant information on the missing or found person. For missing incidents, a missing person report is generated and distributed to local police, as well as other authorities (hospitals, EMS, ambulance services) as appropriate. MedicAlert continues to follow up on the case until it is resolved.
Comprehensive health profile. The member’s profile contains medical conditions, allergies, medications taken, past surgical history, and other important information. In an emergency, the MedicAlert Emergency Response Team relays this information to first responders to enable fast, accurate care.
Family notification. In a wandering incident, MedicAlert collaborates with emergency responders and provides the member’s information to facilitate a safe return. MedicAlert communicates with the member’s emergency contacts during and after a wandering incident.

Community help. If the person is reported found by law enforcement or another official agency, when provided with the member’s ID number, MedicAlert will release the person’s personal details, emergency contacts and medical information to first responders. If the person is reported found by a good Samaritan, MedicAlert will reach out directly to the member’s emergency contacts to facilitate a return to their family.

Membership plans and ID products

Members are required to purchase an ID product and Advantage or Advantage Plus membership to participate in the Wandering Support program.  

ID products and ID jewelry can be purchased through MedicAlert, including bracelets, necklaces and other ID accessories for men and women. The cost for an ID product is dependent upon the style selected. All IDs are custom engraved with the member’s medical information and unique MedicAlert member number.

To learn more about and purchase a MedicAlert membership plan and ID products: 
  • Online: Go to and use the promo code ALZ.
  • Phone: Call MedicAlert’s Member Services line 800.ID.ALERT (800.432.5378) and use the promo code ALZ.

Working together in the fight to end Alzheimer’s

MedicAlert and the Alzheimer’s Association are long-term collaborators in helping families reunite with a person living with dementia who have wandered and become lost. We are now taking our collaboration to a new level: MedicAlert is a cause marketing partner of the Alzheimer’s Association. Thirty percent of all new memberships with Wandering Support, purchased through and using promo code ALZ, will go toward supporting our mission.