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P.O. Box 4526
Lutherville, MD 21094
Phone Number: 410.561.9099

Staff Listing
David McShea
Executive Director
ext. 1835 

Katie Bittinger
Constitutent Events Manager
ext. 1847

Eric Colchamiro
Director of Government Affairs
ext. 1846

Nicole Gorski
Constituent Events Manager
ext. 1830

Renée A. Johnson
Marketing/Communications Director
ext. 1831

David Jonas
Development Manager, Corporate Initiatives
ext. 1832

Pam Luby
Volunteer Coordinator, MEMORI
ext. 1837

Kristi Mroz
Program Manager
ext. 1828

Judy Peterson
ext. 1838

Ilene Rosenthal
Program Director
ext. 1840

Melissa Snyder
Constituent Events Manager
ext. 1841

Marlyn Taylor, MSW
Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager
ext. 1842

Ellen Torres, CFRE
Development Director
ext. 1844 

Yolanda Wright, MSW, LMSW
Program Manager 
ext. 1848

Cathy Zumbo
Operations Manager
ext. 1850
Western Maryland Office
108 Byte Drive, Suite 102
Frederick, MD 21702
Phone Number: 301.696.0315

Julie Peatt Cassaday
Constituent Events Manager
ext. 1822

Megeen White, MS, RN
Program Manager
ext. 1823
Salisbury Office
909 Progress Circle
Suite 400
Salisbury, MD 21804
Phone Number: 410.543.1163

Leslie Zimmerman
Constituent Events Manager
ext. 1826

Board of Directors Greater Maryland Chapter Officers

John Paterakis, Jr. 

Michael E. Ruiz
Vice President, Latino Outreach

Jenette Young
Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion Committee 

Johanna Bathurst

George Bittar, M.D., M.B.A.,
Memory Ball Committee

Pamela Gilmour
Co-Chair, Greater Baltimore Walk to End Alzheimer's Committee

Vikas Gupta
Memory Ball Committee

Tracie Hall

Lisa C. Keenan

Lori Pollack

Jonathan Price
Corporate Initiatives, Greater Baltimore Walk to End Alzhemer's

Samer S. Tahboub

Pete Vail

Lori Veiel, Ph.D.