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ALZ magazine shares inspiration and information about the fight to end Alzheimer’s — and offers tips on how to make your brain the focus of a healthy lifestyle.


Featured Stories


Michael Chiklis: Fighting Alzheimer's is a Chiklis Family Effort

Actor on His Mom’s Struggle with the Disease and His Family’s Advocacy

Summer 2021


Higher Ed, Lower Risk

Studies Link Formal Education to Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s

Summer 2021


United Against a Global Opponent

Olympians Personally Impacted by Alzheimer’s

Summer 2021


‘Their Mind Gets a Fever’

Dementia Presents Unique Challenges for Native Peoples

Summer 2021


I Have Something to Tell You

How to Disclose — or React to — a Dementia Diagnosis

Summer 2021


A Shared Hardship

Some Researchers Fight Alzheimer’s In and Out of the Lab

Summer 2021


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