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2019 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

Chinese Language Assessment batteries for Primary Progressive Aphasia(CLAP)

Boon Lead Tee, MD
Global Brain Health Institute and UCSF
San Francisco, CA - United States

The neurological syndrome Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) exhibits symptoms characterized by deterioration of brain tissue important for speech and language. Dr. Tee believes that PPA is under-diagnosed among Chinese speakers in Asia. This could be due largely to lack of awareness and appropriate assessment tools. As a major study goal, Dr. Lee plans to develop and validate assessment tools for PPA that are linguistically adapted for Chinese-speakers of Mandarin and Cantonese based on current knowledge of neuroscience and clinical practices. This project will involve collaborations with a multidisciplinary team of experts in linguistics, neuropsychology and dementia from the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan. If successful, the study results will aid in increased awareness and in the early diagnosis for Chinese PPA.

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