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2021 Pilot Awards for Global Brain Health Leaders (GBHI)

Tea, Talk & Tunes On the Radio

Cheyenne M Mize, BS
Creative Agents of Change Foundation, Inc dba IDEAS xLab
Louisville, KY - United States

In an aging population, loneliness and social isolation could constitute risk factors for developing dementia. Participating in social activities such as singing groups and other creative experiences has been shown to address the health and wellbeing of older adults, including their experience of connectedness, loneliness and isolation. Since meeting in person to participate in singing groups is a challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic, Cheyenne Mize proposes a pilot project for creative individual and community engagement via a radio show  called “Tea, Talk and Tunes On the Radio” that is accessible to anyone with a radio or internet connected device. This prerecorded show will include 1) live music of a variety of genres, requested over the previous week by the audience, facilitated in a singalong style; 2) audio clips of the voices of elder listeners singing, introducing songs, sharing stories, poems, etc. and 3) current information on available health and social services and how they can be accessed. Mize’s project will build a network of partner organizations that will assist in developing a broad audience base for the show. This project will specifically focus on reaching individuals with dementia and their caregivers as well as those at high risk of loneliness and isolation. Mize will also develop and distribute a Creativity Guide that includes lyrics and prompts for other creative experiences (such as drawing, collating, writing poems/letters etc.) for further engagement by individuals with dementia and their caregivers. If successful, this pilot initiative located in the Louisville, Kentucky area could be scaled to other older adult communities globally and promote their wellbeing by providing opportunities for virtual social engagement in times of isolation

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