The Alzheimer's Association has assembled a workgroup to summarize the current knowledge on amyloid PET depletion after treatment and create a common framework for discussing this new entity. We welcome comments on the initial draft criteria.

Project background

In August 2023, the Alzheimer's Association gathered a group of clinicians and scientists with expertise in clinical trials and biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. This group aims to summarize the current knowledge on patients with depleted amyloid biomarkers following treatment, identify gaps in knowledge, and make recommendations on the naming and operationalization of this entity and its implementation in clinical settings.

Clinical trials have shown that amyloid-targeting monoclonal antibody-based therapies significantly reduce amyloid plaque burden as measured with PET imaging. In a large number of cases, the amyloid PET signal drops below a pre-determined positivity threshold; similar to cases devoid of amyloid plaques, the amyloid PET is "negative." With the recent FDA approval of anti-amyloid therapies, there is a need to better characterize this group of amyloid depleted patients to improve patient care and management.

Give your feedback

We invite comments from scientific and clinical audiences. Professional and advocacy organizations are encouraged to submit a single response that reflects the views of the organization as a whole. Your comments should include feedback or suggestions about the information provided within the draft document available here and/or presented at CTAD 2023.

Step 1: Review the draft criteria.
A draft of the workgroup's original suggestions is available. Please review the draft document (PDF) before submitting a response.

Step 2: Submit a response.
To give your feedback on the workgroup's proposal, please fill out a short form. Comments will be included on the public site without identifying information, following review by the workgroup.

The comment submission period is now closed.

Workgroup member affiliations and disclosures

View workgroup member disclosures (PDF). 

Maria C. Carrillo
Alzheimer's Association

Jeffrey L. Cummings
University of Nevada Las Vegas

Douglas Galasko
University of California, San Diego

Milos D. Ikonomovic
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System; University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Renaud La Joie
University of California, San Francisco

Susan M. Landau
University of California, Berkeley

Jorge Llibre-Guerra
Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

Catherine Mummery
University College London

Rik Ossenkoppele
Amsterdam University Medical Center; Lund University

Julie Price
Massachusetts General Hospital

Shannon Risacher
Indiana University School of Medicine

Claire Sexton
Alzheimer's Association

Ruben Smith
Lund University

Christopher H. van Dyck
Yale School of Medicine