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Lawmakers Pass Resolution to Revisit The State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and other Related Dementias in Alabama

Lawmakers Pass Resolution to Revisit The State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and other Related Dementias in Alabama
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April 7, 2022
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Alzheimer’s Association Thanks Alabama Legislature


Volunteer advocates and staff from the Alabama Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association walked the halls of the Alabama State House meeting with legislators last month. “An impacted family sharing their story about the struggles they face caring for their loved one is a powerful tool when it comes to encouraging a legislator to take action,” said Cheril Cleveland, Chair, Alabama Chapter Board of Directors.

Lawmakers were urged and gave a nod to begin the process necessary to update the State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and other Related Dementias in Alabama, published in 2015. The resolution to revisit this plan was officially passed on April 6th.

“This is long overdue,” said Chairman of the Senate Healthcare Committee, Jim McClendon. “Updating this plan and its recommendations is a critical step to Alabama’s ability to qualify for federal funds to assist us with building the  dementia capable workforce,” said Representative Laura Hall, Ranking Minority Member of the House Health Committee and a co-chair of the Advisory Council that drafted the 2015 plan.

According to the Association, Alzheimer's is a growing public health crisis and state governments must take bold action. Effectively implementing and updating State Alzheimer’s Plans and supporting other policies will reduce the long-term impact of the disease on state budgets, and improve the lives of individuals living with dementia and their family caregivers.

Jessica Miller, Executive Director, Alzheimer’s Association Alabama Chapter, explained that the goal of the Association is to work collaboratively with the Alabama Department of Health and other agencies to work on policies that improve the lives of those affected by Alzheimer's. “We are growing our staff and we are working hard to develop strong relationships with all stakeholders statewide to achieve this goal. We applaud the legislature for validating the need for Alabama to have a coordinated plan of action,” said Miller.

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