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In addition to a large inventory of books and videos (many of which can be checked out for your use), the Chapter offers individual information sheets (free of charge) on common topics of discussion. For access to downloadable pdf files of the individual information sheets or for a pdf of an Information Packet with the most requested Information Sheets, click on the links below.

General Information Packet

This packet includes all of the information sheets shown below. Or, print individual sheets by clicking on the titles below: 

Chapter Information
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
ABCs of Coping
Communicating with Healthcare Professionals
For You: The Person with Early Memory Loss
Know the 10 Signs
Stages of Alzheimer's
Strategies for Providing Middle Stage
Alzheimer's Disease Care
Telling the Person and Others About an Alzheimer's Diagnosis
When a Family Member Has Alzheimer's Disease
You Might Benefit From Talking with the Alzheimer's Association if...
Kansas Support Groups
Missouri Support Groups

More Information Sheets About Alzheimer's Disease

Understanding Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's
Understanding Early Onset Alzheimer's
Understanding Early Stage Alzheimer's
Understanding Late Stage Alzheimer's


Activities for Individuals with Alzheimer's
Challenging Behavior in Individuals With Alzheimer's
Combative Behavior in Individuals With Alzheimer's
Early Stage Care
Intimacy, Sexuality and Alzheimer's Disease
Middle Stage Care Strategies
When Someone with Alzheimer's has to be Hospitalized

For Family and Friends

Communicating with Health Care Professionals
Communicating with the Person With Alzheimer's
Durable Power of Attorney
Getting Your Loved One to Visit the Doctor
Gift Ideas for Middle Stages
Grief, Mourning, Guilt
Hiring a Caregiver
How to Handle Holidays
Making a Move
Nursing Homes - Checklist for Placement
Nursing Homes - Making Placement a Success
Telling Others when you Loved One has an Alzheimer's Diagnosis
Tips for Kids
Tips for Teenagers
Visiting Someone with Alzheimer's
Ways Friends Can Assist
When a Family Member has Alzheimer's
When Your Spouse has Alzheimer's

For the Individual with Alzheimer's

ABC's of Coping With Alzheimer's
Tips for You-The Person with Alzheimer's Disease

Personal Care and Alzheimer's

Is the Individual Able to Live Alone

Resource Lists for Individuals with Alzheimer's and their Families

Adult Day Program Southeast Kansas
Adult Day Programs in Kansas and Missouri
Assisted Living & Small Group Homes in Kansas and Missouri
Geriatric Physicians
Geriatric Psychiatrists
Hospice Facilities
Legal Assistance
Neurologists & Medical Evaluation
Nursing Homes Kansas
Nursing Homes Missouri
Respite List
Respite List Northeast Kansas
Small Group Homes
Support Groups Kansas
Support Groups Missouri
Support Groups Northeast Kansas
Support Options Early Stage

Safety for Those with Alzheimer's

Safety Tips

General Information

Alzheimer's Association - Heart of America Chapter Brochure
You Might Benefit From Talking with the Alzheimer's Association if...