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Attend a monthly meeting

Join us for our monthly virtual meeting on the first Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m.! We use this hour to connect to the mission of the Alzheimer's Association, stay updated on current events, plan upcoming Young Champions events, and get to know each other better. Email Maria Lind Magagna at to get connected.

Volunteer with us

Join us in making a meaningful impact at the Normandale Center for Healing and Wholeness! We're excited to offer an ongoing volunteering opportunity every second Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Caretakers are invited to participate in engaging presentations and programming while volunteers contribute by providing companionship to individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia, assisting with presentation setup, and managing check-ins. If you're eager to be part of this compassionate initiative, email to receive the forms to fill out in order to join.

Join a committee

Connect with us to learn more about any of the opportunities below. 

Fundraising committee

At the heart and soul of any organization is the Fundraising Committee. The Chairs and members of this committee work tirelessly year-round to plan and produce events that become the key donation-drivers for Young Champions. Bean Bagz for Brainz, our annual bean bag tournament, is our largest event and continues to be a hit among the community. When the Young Champions reach their goal threshold each year, members receive the opportunity to attend the Association’s annual Purple Gala, which is an elegant night of fun and celebration.

Advocacy committee

You might be thinking, I’m just one person, how can I spark change for the Alzheimer’s community? Look no further than our Advocacy Committee. Joining national and state representatives, this Committee provides Advocacy 101 events each year to help convey the importance of advocacy, as well as educating members on how to be successful advocates. The annual Minnesota State Advocacy Day is a large event where members travel to the Minnesota Capitol to interact directly with their legislators to drive change.

Marketing committee

Helping to spread the word about our events, education opportunities, and more, is our Marketing Committee. This committee is the face of Young Champions and helps to carefully craft our image across social platforms and membership materials. Working closely with the other committee leads, the Marketing Committee creates the content calendar for the year, graphics for social channels, and other communication materials to help spread the word about both Young Champions and Alzheimer’s disease.

Education/Volunteer committee

The spirit of community is important to Young Champions, so giving back is critical. This committee is responsible for finding opportunities throughout the year for members to get out and assist members of the Alzheimer’s and dementia communities. This can include cookie decorating over the holidays, spending time with members in a home, Valentine card-making, and more. Additionally, this committee looks to find educational opportunities in order to keep members engaged in the latest research and studies around Alzheimer’s and dementia. Education can oftentimes include opportunities for caregivers, and those who are not routinely exposed to Alzheimer’s, to learn more about this disease and ways to support those with Alzheimer’s.

Membership committee

What good is an organization without members? The Membership Committee helps provide the bread and butter for our organization, by not only recruiting new members, but retaining current members as well. Ensuring that we continue to engage with all members in new and fresh ways is one of the key responsibilities of this committee, while also working to find innovative ways to recruit members and interact with the community.