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Alzheimer's Association holiday cards showcase work of artists living with the disease

Alzheimer's Association holiday cards showcase work of artists living with the disease
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September 16, 2008
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Alzheimer's Association holiday cards showcase work of artists living with the disease

Holiday cards showcase work of artists with Alzheimer's
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Inspirational holiday cards painted by individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer's are now available through the Alzheimer's Association at Four different sets of holiday cards are available: one for Thanksgiving, one for the New Year and two different selections for the holidays. The Alzheimer's Association will receive 30 percent of the cost of each of set of cards sold. The cards can be purchased in a package of 25 cards for $22 or people can order 75 customized cards with their own personalized message for $102.

All of the artists whose works are featured in the holiday cards have participated in the Alzheimer's Association Memories in the Making art program, which is offered by local chapters across the United States. This program enables people living with the disease to express their feelings and creativity through artwork.

"Art is a form of communication that can be used when words are lost to gain a glimpse into the lives and memories of a person with Alzheimer's," said Peter Reed, senior director of programs with the Alzheimer’s Association. "Funds received from these holiday cards will support Alzheimer's Association programs and services that help people with the disease to continue to live their lives with dignity."

In addition to the original artwork found on the front of each card, there is information about the artists and the Alzheimer's Association on the back of the card. Each artist has his or her own unique vision and style that can be seen in their artwork.

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