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Alzheimer’s Association reacts to Governor Newsom’s 2020-21 Budget Proposal

Alzheimer’s Association reacts to Governor Newsom’s 2020-21 Budget Proposal
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January 10, 2020
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SACRAMENTO, CA – The Alzheimer’s Association is grateful to Governor Newsom for his administration’s continued commitment to Californians impacted by Alzheimer’s and all dementias. The Governor’s 2020-21 budget proposal emphasizes the importance of caregiving for those with Alzheimer’s, in particular the crucial and unique role that family members play as caregivers. Through the modest and one-time investment of $3.6 million to establish the California Cognitive Care Coordination Initiative, the administration charges the California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers to develop a “train the trainer” program to assist family caregivers.

“Just one year into the Newsom Administration, we see real evidence of a path forward for all Californians living with and supporting loved ones with Alzheimer’,” said Susan DeMarois, the Alzheimer’s Association representative on the state’s Alzheimer’s Prevention & Preparedness Taskforce. “The Governor’s leadership brings hope to millions of Californians directly impacted by this fatal disease. “ 

The first step in understanding one’s care needs is to simply receive a timely and accurate diagnosis - and yet there couldn't be anything less simple. Only 45% of the 670,000 people living with Alzheimer’s in the state today are diagnosed with the disease, and only half of them have been told of their diagnosis. Without a timely and accurate diagnosis, individuals cannot reasonably understand and plan for their care needs. 

In addition to a timely diagnosis, the Alzheimer’s Association has two additional and foundational priorities; a high-functioning network of care, and the ability to afford long-term services and supports. To ultimately realize the full benefit of the Governor’s proposal, more individuals will need access to a timely diagnosis, an easy to navigate system of public and private services, and ultimately the financial ability to afford their ongoing care. 

Last year, Governor Newsom began his commitment to those with Alzheimer’s and all dementias through the establishment of the state’s Alzheimer’s Prevention and Preparedness Task Force, in addition to the state’s Master Plan for Aging. “While these crucial long-term planning processes are pivotal, we will continue to urge our state leaders to be ambitious and courageous in seeking solutions that address our most immediate challenges,” said Jared Giarrusso, Government Affairs Director of the Alzheimer’s Association. 

January 10, 2020
Jared Giarrusso
California Government Affairs Director 
Office: 916-447-2731

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