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Having a road map to navigate through the decisions, challenges and questions you may have at every stage of Alzheimer’s or another dementia is important. Meet with one of our dementia care specialists to help create an action plan for caring for your friend or family member with the disease. 

Care consultations are different for everyone but can include:

  • Education about Alzheimer’s and treatment options
  • Development of a care plan 
  • Safety assessment and planning
  • Assistance with finding resources in the community
  • Understanding and managing legal and financial issues
  • Addressing caregiver stress and developing self-care strategies

We don't tell you what to do. We coach you and your family to find mutually acceptable solutions to improve the quality of life and care for the individual living with Alzheimer's. Plus, the service is free.

How to schedule a meeting?
Call our office at 518.867.4999 to reach a local dementia specialist.