How do I list my study in TrialMatch?


TrialMatch Listing Request Form

Reach people living with dementia, caregivers and healthy volunteers by submitting your clinical study to TrialMatch today.

  1. If your study and site are listed as actively recruiting on, they will be listed in Alzheimer’s Association TrialMatch® without additional action necessary.
  2. If your study is not listed on, fill out our request form.
  3. A TrialMatch representative from the Alzheimer’s Association will contact you on the status of your request.

Did you know?

Clinical characteristics of a disease may be different in one group when compared to another. It's very, very important that people of all genders and ethnicities participate.

Monica W. Parker, M.D.
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  • More than 370,000 individuals have come to the TrialMatch website searching for information on clinical studies. Reach people living with Alzheimer’s, caregivers and healthy volunteers for free by submitting your study today.
  • TrialMatch lists a variety of studies including both pharmacological and non-pharmacological studies.
  • People with dementia or those who are at risk of developing it, caregivers and healthy volunteers with no dementia issues are all seeking information through TrialMatch on clinical studies.