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The Alzheimer's Association has a community of caregivers, families, advocates and professionals who come together for a common mission. Read about some of the personal stories of those in our community. 


Becca Donaldson - Advocate and "Sandwich Generation" Caregiver

Karen Przybylski - Caregiving challenges during COVID-19

Pearl Cannon - Caregiver and Support Group Facilitator

Monty Johnson - Caregiver for over 17 years

Diane Vanlandingham - Caregiver for parents

Kristin Schmitt - Caregiver

Violet Blake - Dementia in the Native American Community

Jim Adams - Author Caregiver Book

Abraham Andaverde - Caregiving in Hispanic community

Karen Squiers - Caregiver

Joel Berman - "Sandwich Generation" Caregiver

Bryan and Ruth Wichmann - Caregiver for his wife in her 50's

Marian Ninneman - Caregiver

Amy Schoenemann - Family 

Sharon Zimmer - Caregiver for husband with early onset

Sheila and Leah Garske - Down syndrome and dementia

Carolyn Edwards - Caregiver for her husband


Megan Zuelsdorff - Social stresses and impact on cognitive health

Tobey Betthauser - Understanding the "when" of Alzheimer's

Ennis Gilda - Insulin resistance and cognitive function

Hope DeVougas - Research in the African American community

Albus Family - WRAP study

Dan & Barbara Johnson - Longitudinal Study

Carrie Zelazoski - Advocate and Research Participant

Karyn Frick, Ph.D. - Neuroscientist in Alzheimer's Lab Research

Lisa Taxier, M.S./Ph.D Candidate - Next generation of women researchers

Claire Erickson - Advocate and Ph.D. Candidate, UW-Madison


Elisha Smith, BSN, RN - Dementia Champion

Fatou Ceesay, President and CEO, Cairasu All Things Alzheimer's - Dementia Advocate

Gail Morgan, Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute - Dementia Outreach

Leonard Rivera, Ph.D - Research Grant Recipient

Sergeant Carrie Peters - Dementia Champion

Becky Reichelt - Senior Living Community Leader

Valerie Hein Hamstra - Community Educator

Stephanie Houston - Community Partner, Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute Regional Milwaukee Office

Sheila Olinger - Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Fundraising for a Cause

Tim Harrington, Sr. Golf Fundraiser

Christine Shepherd - Importance of the Walk to End Alzheimer's