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The Alzheimer's Assocation partners with health care institutions across Wisconsin to provide support and education for anyone struggling with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Direct Connect Referral Program

Healthcare professionals can take advantage of the Direct Connect Referral Program with important patient benefits:

  • Ongoing support in dealing with the emotional impact of a diagnosis
  • Education on living well as the disease progresses
  • Help in connecting to appropriate resources and additional support services, including safety services
  • Opportunities to build communities with others living with the diagnosis
“Our goal is to support primary care and become part of their team. We often support families experiencing behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. We can lessen the load on our primary care partners."
            Jennifer McAlister, Program Manager, Alzheimer's Association

Hear testimonials of our health care partners:

Direct Connect Referral Resources:

Also visit Through the Eyes of A Person With Dementia to see a video series for professionals. 

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