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Sue Weidemann, Walk Committee, La Crosse

“Hopefully the white flower is out there somewhere.”
Sue has been volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s in La Crosse since last year. “I love to volunteer for something I’m passionate about,” says Sue. “At the Walk, you hear the stories and can relate to their experiences. We’re all talking the same language and we all know the heartache.”

Sue has a personal connection, as her father passed away from Alzheiemer’s just days before the Walk last year. Her mother also suffers from dementia and is in a memory care facility. “Hopefully the white flower is out there somewhere,” says Sue. “I volunteer to help raise funds for research. That is the only thing that will make a difference.”

On the Walk Committee, Sue helps with planning for all aspects of the walk – volunteers, sponsors, logistics, marketing.  “It’s nice to work with other people who have been through it,” says Sue. “I help out in any way I can.”  Sue is also Captain for her Walk team – the Wing Warriors – including personalized team shirts for family and friends who support her. She also hosts a fundraiser after the walk with food, beverages and a silent auction.

Sue encourages others to volunteer.  “Some people think that they’re just one person and can’t make a difference,” says Sue. “But no matter how big or small, every volunteer makes a difference.”