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MedicAlert® with 24/7 Wandering Support

The Alzheimer’s Association, in collaboration with MedicAlert Foundation, provides membership plans with 24/7 Wandering Support, a nationwide emergency response service for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia who wander or have a medical emergency.  If a member wanders and is missing, one phone call immediately activates MedicAlert’s Emergency Response Team to help reunite the person living with dementia with his or her family. Members can choose from a variety of ID products, including bracelets and necklaces. Scholarships may be available. Learn more.

Respite Care

Connecticut Statewide Respite Care

  • What is The Connecticut Statewide Respite Care Program? The Connecticut Statewide Respite Care Program is funded by the State Department on Aging and is operated in partnership with the Alzheimer's Association Chapters of Connecticut and the Connecticut Area Agencies on Aging. Eligible families may apply for daytime or overnight respite care services including but not limited to: Adult day care, home health aide, homemaker/companion, skilled nursing care, self-directed care, Cognitive Training, or short term nursing home placement. Contact the Area Agencies on Aging for an application: 1-800-994-9422.
  • Program Eligibility and Guidelines: The applicant or authorized agent must provide a Physician's statement declaring that the patient has Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder such as: Multi-Infarct dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Huntington's disease, Pick's disease or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. The applicant cannot be receiving services under the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE), must have an income of no more than $46,897 per year and liquid assets of $124,679 or less. The program may pay for up to $7,500 in respite care services per family per year, based upon the Care Manager's discretion. A 20% co-payment of the cost of the service is required, but may be waived based upon financial hardship.

Alzheimer's Association Respite Fund

  • Purpose of the Fund: The Alzheimer's Association Respite Fund, subsidized from individual and corporate donations to the Association, is a financial reimbursement program designed to assist caregiving families in accessing respite care services. It provides up to $500 per family per year. Eligible families may purchase any of the following respite care services: adult day care, home health aide, adult foster care, homemaker/companion, skilled nursing care or short term nursing home care. Funds may be used for daytime or overnight respite. It is the family's responsibility to arrange for respite care services. Resource lists of providers are available from the Chapter. Reimbursement will be made directly to the service provider after receipt of purchase is submitted to the Chapter
  • The Need for Respite: Respite care is a service designed to provide a break, or a time of caregiver relief, from the physical and emotional stress of caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder. Family caregivers generally find that the task of caring for a person with dementia is overwhelming. They often develop stress-related illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, or ulcers. An occasional break from caregiving enables an exhausted caregiver to regroup, both physically and emotionally, and find the strength to carry on. Respite care is an invaluable service that truly saves caregiver lives. With financial assistance, many family caregivers who would not otherwise use this service will have the opportunity to obtain temporary relief for themselves, and may be able to care for their Alzheimer's loved ones at home much longer than would otherwise be possible.
  • How to Qualify: There are no income requirements for program eligibility. In order to qualify for financial assistance, the primary caregiver must:
    • reside with the person with dementia;
    • live in Connecticut;
    • complete an application form;
    • provide a statement from a physician that the patient has Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder;
    • utilize a respite service;
    • the individual with dementia can not be on Title XIX/Medicaid;
    • preference is given to applicants who are not accessing other respite services.
  • Download Respite Application: Alzheimer's Association Connecticut Chapter Respite Program Application
Contact the Chapter for more information. NEW Office number: 860.406.3040

Local resources and referrals
We maintain updated information on home care, adult day centers, case managers, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, elderlaw attorneys, and support groups available in the community. Our staff and trained professionals can help provide assistance with information and referrals. Visit the Community Resource Finder at to access local resources, education, and support.

For more information, please contact us:
By phone: 800.272.3900
By e-mail:   

Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials
The Alzheimer's Association TrialMatch™ program is a free service that makes it easy for people with Alzheimer's, caregivers, families and physicians to locate clinical trials based on personal criteria (diagnosis, stage of disease) and location. Click the link above for the open trial listings in TrialMatch for Connecticut. For more information, please contact our 24/7 Helpline: 800.272.3900.

Brain Autopsy Information 
Autopsies done through research programs enhance scientific knowledge about dementia, its treatment and, hopefully its prevention. Our Medical Scientific Advisory Council has provided some information on this option based on requests from constituents.  

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