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I Have Alzheimer's

If you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or another dementia, you are not alone.

There are people who understand what you are going through, and help is available. There is much you can do in the early stage to cope with the changes ahead.

A Message From People Living With Alzheimer's

Get Educated

Learn about Alzheimer's, your diagnosis and the resources available to you.

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Just Diagnosed

Tips to help you manage the emotional impact of receiving a diagnosis.

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Sharing Your Diagnosis

Tips from others living with Alzheimer's about how to share your news.

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Changes in Relationships

Learn how Alzheimer's can impact your relationships with family and friends.

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Taking Care of Yourself

Take care of your physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.

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Reducing Stress

Take steps to reduce stress and improve your well-being and quality of life.

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Tips for Daily Life

Learn coping strategies to manage day-to-day life with Alzheimer's.

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Helping Family and Friends

Learn how you can help family, friends and children adjust to your diagnosis.

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