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2nd Annual Release the Silence Conference

Join us for the Second Annual African American Conference!

➤ April 27, 2024

This conference is designed to help our community Release The Silence on Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. It is geared towards caregivers, future caregivers, and healthcare professionals. During the conference, attendees will get to hear about the latest treatments, learn how to pay for care, and have the opportunity to share their voices in breakout sessions with leaders in the industry. 

Join us in Releasing The Silence and RACEing into Action as we fight Alzheimer's and dementia together.

This event is free of charge. Registration required. A continental breakfast and boxed lunch will be provided.


Inaugural Release the Silence African American Conference - Springfield

Join us for this free educational program!

➤ May 4, 2024

This conference is designed to educate our community, future caregivers, and the healthcare industry about Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The program is designed for those who are caregivers of a person with Alzheimer's, individuals who want to learn more about the disease as well as professionals wanting to understand the health disparities which affect individuals in the African American community.

Topics covered will include: the Alzheimer's & dementia journey, managing the caregiving role and navigating difficult conversations.


Navigating Alzheimer's & Dementia: A Conference for First Responder

➤ June 5, 2024

Join us for a highly informative and transformative conference dedicated to raising Alzheimer's awareness, specifically tailored for first responders. This professional event provides a unique platform for esteemed industry experts and passionate individuals to share knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge research about Alzheimer's disease management, prevention, and care.