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The Alzheimer's Association works with local service providers and family members to support the creation of local Partnerships. Each Partnership is a self-sufficient task-oriented alliance of health care and human service professionals, family members and other concerned individuals working to increase and improve local services through: education, coordination, development of new services, and advocacy. Each Partnership works closely with the Alzheimer's Association, helping the association to be more responsive to local needs and in turn helping the association with advocacy and fundraising.

To learn more, call the Alzheimer's Association or contact the Partnership closest to you.

Benefits of Membership

  • Continuing education of Partnership members, providers, family members and community members, including seminars
  • Networking and information exchange amongst member
  • Coordination of existing services , both public and privat
  • Development, and promotion of, new service
  • Advocacy surrounding legislative issue
  • Promotion and support of researc
  • Supporting the goals of the Alzheimer’s Association by working together to achieve our mutual goal
  • Access to meetings and minutes

How to Become a Member

Partnerships are always looking for new community members; we cannot meet our Strategic Goals without volunteers like you.

To join a Partnership you can complete this Membership form and bring it to the first meeting. All memberships are managed by the individual partnerships. You will need to print a form for each Partnership you are joining. Membership is renewed annually. For more information, contact Julie McMurray at

Partnership List

  • Berkshire County Alzheimer's Partnership
  • Greater Worcester Partnership
  • Liberty Alzheimer’s Partnership of Greater Concord
  • Metro North Alzheimer’s Partnership
  • Neponset Valley Alzheimer's Partnership
  • Northeastern MA Alzheimer's Partnership
  • North Worcester County Alzheimer's Partnership
  • Southeastern Massachusetts Alzheimer's Partnership
  • South Shore Alzheimer's Partnership
  • South Worcester County Alzheimer's Partnership
  • Tri-County Alzheimer’s Partnership (Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire)
  • West Suburban Area Alzheimer’s Partnership
  • Metro West Alzheimer's Partnership