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Mature couple looks at dementia information on a laptop

Our free education programs for New York City cover topics related to brain health, Alzheimer's and other dementia, and caregiving. They are offered in multiple languages.

We offer virtual and in-person programs. In-person are noted by location, all other programs are virtual. To register, call 800.272.3900 or click the links. 

Winter & Spring 2024 Programs

10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's
Alzheimer’s and other dementias cause changes in memory, thinking and behavior that interfere with daily life. Join us to learn about 10 common warning signs and what to watch for in yourself and others. 

Advancing the Science: The Latest on Alzheimer's and Dementia Research
In this program, you'll learn risk factors, the landscape of dementia science, and advances in clinical trials, treatments and lifestyle interventions. 

Alzheimer's and Dementia Research Updates and the Impact of Alzheimer's in Women
Join us to learn about the latest advances in dementia science. We will focus on lifestyle changes, current treatments, and what the future may hold. There will also be a discussion on the impact of the disease on women, including what current research says about why women are at a higher risk.

Dementia Conversations
Get tips for talking about difficult issues, such as when to stop driving or going to the doctor for cognitive testing. 

Effective Communication Strategies
In this program, you'll learn about communication changes that can happen when a person has Alzheimer's and how to navigate them and connect during each stage of the disease.

Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body
Join us to learn about research in the areas of diet and nutrition, exercise, cognitive activity and social engagement, and how to incorporate these tips into a plan for healthy aging. 

Living with Alzheimer's: Early Stage
A new diagnosis of Alzheimer's or MCI can come with a lot of questions. Get answers in this session. 

Living with Alzheimer's: Middle Stage

In the middle stages of Alzheimer's, hands-on caregiving begins in earnest. We'll discuss strategies to provide safe, effective and comfortable care for your loved one. 

Living with Alzheimer's: Late Stage
Learn what to expect and strategies for coping with the final stages of Alzheimer's. 

Managing Money: A Caregiver's Guide to Finances
It's never too early to put important financial plans in place. Join us to learn how. 

Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia 
Join us to learn the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia, stages and risk factors of Alzheimer's, current treatments, and available resources. 

Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors
Learn how to understand behavior changes, identify common behavior triggers and respond to some of the most common challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.​