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Join us for this FREE virtual five-part education series on frontotemporal dementia, which is a group of disorders that includes primary progressive aphasia (PPA). These rare types of dementia have different symptoms, such as personality and mood changes, and difficulty with language. You can sign up for one program or the entire series by calling 800.272.3900 or visiting the links below. 

Overview of Frontotemporal Degenerative Disorders
Wednesday, November 1, 12 p.m.
Presenter: Marla Bruns, MD, PhD
Frontotemporal dementia is a group of disorders that cause deterioration and shrinkage in the areas of the brain that control decision-making, thinking, and behavior. Join us as Marla B. Bruns, MD, Phd, cognitive neurologist and co-director of the Memory Center of Unity, discusses these disorders and their commons signs and symptoms. 

Cognitive and Behavioral Concerns in Frontotemporal Dementia
Wednesday, November 8, 12 p.m.
Presenter: David Gill, MD
Join us as Dr. David Gill, neurologist and medical director of the Memory Center at Unity, shares insights into the thinking and behavior changes that can be expected with frontemporal dementia. 

Managing Caregiver Stress
Wednesday, November 15, 12 p.m.
Presenter: Krista M. Damann, PhD
In this session, neuropsychologist Dr. Krista M. Damann discusses the signs of caregiver stress and the tools you can use to help manage it and preserve your mental and physical well-being. 

Behavioral Management and Medication Options
Wednesday, November 29, 12 p.m.
Presenter: Melinda Patterson, PsyD  
Behavioral symptoms are common with frontotemporal degnerative disorders. Dr. Melinda Patterson, a neuropsychologist, will share behavioral management techniques and medication options that can help with these difficult symptoms. 

Connecting with Local Resources
Wednesday, December 6, 12 p.m.
Join us to learn about resources available to dementia caregivers in New York, including those for FTD caregivers. 

These programs are supported, in part, by a grant from the New York State Department of Health and Monroe County Office of the Aging.