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Mary Ellen Schmidt, Office Volunteer, Milwaukee
“It gives me a lot of pleasure to volunteer for such a worthwhile cause.”
Mary Ellen has been a dedicated office volunteer at the Alzheimer’s Association for 28 years, starting on June 10, 1992 (she still has the date noted in her calendar). She helps with office duties such as stuffing, folding, and labeling assorted mailing projects, data entry projects and memorial letters (and to many co-workers is known for her amazing hugs).

Mary Ellen was a caregiver for her mother Cora, who had Alzheimer’s disease and passed away in 1989. At that time, she didn’t know of any resources or education that could help her care for her mother. “The disease is devastating,” says Mary Ellen. “I wish I had known of resources that were available to me.”

Mary Ellen began volunteering after she saw an ad for the Alzheimer’s Association on a bus (which is her main means of transportation) and then saw an ad in the newspaper that they were looking for volunteers. She stopped into the local office, was interviewed and began volunteering that week. “It’s time well spent to give back,” says Mary Ellen.