About the Dementia Care Provider Roundtable

Annual membership

Join the Dementia Care Provider Roundtable and make a nationwide impact on care. Annual fee is $5,000 per organization for two members.

The mission of the Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Provider Roundtable (AADCPR) is to advance care and support services for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias and their caregivers, through the dissemination and adoption of evidence-based Practice Recommendations. The AADCPR is a consortium of thought leaders from the dementia care provider industry including assisted living, nursing home, and home and community based services.

Nationwide impact

Through the Dementia Care Provider Roundtable, the Alzheimer's Association brings together industry leaders to discuss key areas in Alzheimer's care and support practices in a precompetitive platform. The Roundtable meets quarterly by teleconference, and convenes in person once a year for coverage of topics identified by members as the most current critical needs. The Roundtable may also focus on specific issues facing the AD field that impact many of the member companies by forming a Task Force or Work Group.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Tips for dementia care professionals

Get guidance for providing Alzheimer's and dementia care in long-term and community-based care settings during a major disease outbreak or disaster.

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Roundtable members explore a broad range of Alzheimer's cutting edge care and support topics, including: 

  • Challenges of person-centered care implementation
  • Evaluating person-centered care practices and outcomes
  • Working better with diverse families
  • Gaps in psychosocial research

The outputs of Roundtable meetings are published as white papers and potential articles in academic journals, and can have major impacts in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Contact us to join the Roundtable

If you are interested in joining the Dementia Care Provider Roundtable or have questions, please contact Douglas Pace, NHA, at dpace@alz.org. Annual membership to join is $5,000 per organization for two members.

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