Ensure your training program meets benchmarks in quality care

The Alzheimer’s Association dementia care training curriculum review offers professional long-term and community-based care providers and training companies the opportunity to submit their training programs for review. Curriculum is reviewed against the Dementia Care Practice Recommendations, the benchmark for quality care.

Test staff knowledge with essentiALZ

Certification in essentiALZ demonstrates staff knowledge of quality dementia care practices and may empower them to handle the complex challenges dementia can bring.

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Only providers and training companies using proprietary training materials may purchase curriculum review. Curriculum recognition from the Alzheimer’s Association is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Before submitting a curriculum, please read the Curriculum Review Guidelines.

Providers who use a recognized training program are eligible to purchase the essentiALZ® certification exam for staff.

Note: Recognition from the Alzheimer’s Association is not an endorsement of the organization or the care provided.

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Curriculum review renewal

Training programs that have been recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association as reflecting the Dementia Care Practice Recommendations may be eligible for curriculum review renewal at a reduced rate.

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Improve access to quality care

Person-centered care training can make a significant difference in the lives of people living with dementia and those who care for them. The Alzheimer’s Association curriculum review can give your organization:

  • Credibility: Ensure that your professional dementia care training program reflects the most current, evidenced-based dementia care practices.
  • Recognition: Get your training recognized for being at the forefront of quality dementia care. The Alzheimer’s Association will provide the organization with a statement of recognition for their training to use in communications, including websites and emails.
  • Impact: High-quality training empowers staff to handle the complex challenges dementia can bring, and allows individuals living with dementia to receive personalized, person-centered, high-quality care.

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