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Develop a confident, capable and person-centered care team

The essentiALZ certification exam is for any staff working in residential or community-based provider organizations who have completed a training program recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association for incorporating the evidenced-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations.

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Purchase essentiALZ certification exams

25 exams

$1,250 / $50 per person

50 exams

$2,000 / $40 per person

100 exams

$3,500 / $35 per person

150 exams

$4,500 / $30 per person

250 exams

$6,250 / $25 per person

500 exams

$10,000 / $20 per person

Organizations interested in purchasing more than 500 exams for staff, please contact

Practical and comprehensive: 45 multiple choice exam questions are grounded in the principles of person-centered care and in accordance with industry standards for question structure, difficulty level and 6th-grade readability.

Learning is convenient: Staff take their exam online at their convenience. The exam is not timed, and they can return as often as necessary before final submission.

Recognition for new knowledge: With a passing exam of 90 percent or higher, individual staff members will receive a personalized essentiALZ certificate, with certification good for two years.

Recognized trainings

These training programs and accompanying curricula have been recognized by the Alzheimer's Association for reflecting the five topic areas of the Dementia Care Practice Recommendations and are eligible for purchase of the Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ certification.

Exam FAQs

Frequently asked questions about taking the essentiALZ exam.

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Provider training programs


Training company curricula

COMPANY: HealthCare Interactive®
DESCRIPTION: CARES® Dementia Basics™
TYPE: Online
DURATION: 4 hours

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If you have completed a recognized dementia care training program and are attempting to take your essentiALZ certification exam.

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