About essentiALZ

Developed for professional care providers of individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ® is an online, individual certification program that provides recognition for knowledge of quality dementia care practices.

The essentiALZ exam tests understanding of evidence-based dementia care practices that are outlined in the nationally recognized Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations.

Participants become essentiALZ-certified by completing dementia care training and the Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ online certification exam, which focuses on basic dementia care practices.

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How to get certified

Become essentiALZ-certified by completing the training opportunity below.

  • CARES® online dementia trainings offered by HealthCare Interactive® provide a person-centered, easy-to-remember approach to caring for individuals living with dementia.

Certification benefits

Participants who become essentiALZ-certified have the opportunity to learn techniques and evidence-based practices to help manage behavior and provide person-centered dementia care.

Upon successful completion of an approved dementia care course and an essentiALZ certification exam, you will receive your essentiALZ certification. As an essentiALZ-certified care provider, feel confident that you are equipped with knowledge and techniques from leaders in the dementia care field.

Individual recognition tips

  • Print and display your certificate.
  • Add essentiALZ certification to your resume.

Company recognition tips

  • Recognize essentiALZ-certified employees in your company newsletter.
  • Create an ‘honor roll’ to celebrate employees who are essentiALZ-certified.
  • Review Company Communication Guidelines (PDF).
If you have completed an online dementia training program and are attempting to take your essentiALZ certification exam, please read these important instructions