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About Early Stage Programs

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early stage dementia or experiencing changes in memory, involvement in early stage programs can be very helpful. Participating in a positive, supportive, and stimulating program may enhance personal well-being and may help individuals with these diagnoses to remain healthier longer.

In the early stages of dementia, the person may withdraw from activities he or she previously enjoyed. It is important to help the person remain engaged. Having an open discussion around any concerns and making slight adjustments can make a difference.

You are not alone. There is help and support available. The Alzheimer’s Association stands ready to help you and your family as a trusted resource for ongoing information and support.

Programs offer:

  • Education on dementia-related issues and concerns
  • Personal support
  • A welcoming environment to share with others who are experiencing similar issues
  • Opportunities for cognitive enhancement and meaningful activity
  • Social Engagement Opportunities
  • Support Groups for Persons with Early Stage dementia and their Caregivers
  • Inspiration to make the years ahead the best they can be
Some early stage programs also include opportunities for caregiver support.
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Visit the Alzheimer's Dementia Caregiving Center for more information.

If you or someone you know is experiencing memory problems but you have not yet seen a physician, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment and have these concerns evaluated. This can be done through your primary physician or through a local Memory Assessment Clinic.

For questions or additional information, contact us at 800.272.3900.