The Eliashar and Hurwitz Family

Judy Gelfand and our mother, Rina Eliashar, had a special friendship. They weren't just friends, they were in-laws. It started in 1974. Liz Gelfand was having a swim party, and Judy suggested inviting "that nice Hurwitz girl" because Judy had a nice son, Todd. Thirty minutes later, Doreen arrived at the Gelfand front door with swimsuit in hand. Judy and Rina exchanged promising glances, and 40 years later, Doreen and Todd Gelfand celebrated the arrival of their first grandchild.

We adore our mother. She has a big heart and deep compassion for those less fortunate. She has been generous and charitable her entire life — a trait she learned from her parents and continues to instill in her children and grandchildren.

In early May 2014, we received an email from her: "Kids, Mother's Day is coming and I'm seeing all the commercials on television. Do NOT send me flowers or gifts. Instead, please make a donation to charity. Give to The Judy Fund." And of course, that's what we did. In doing so, we were able to honor two mothers: Rina Eliashar and Judy Gelfand.

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